Affordable, High-Quality Dentures


Affordable, High-Quality Dentures

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Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic Dentures

We offer both superior quality full and partial dentures, giving you a beautiful smile and a comfortable fit, all made in our on-site dental lab. Our dental technicians work with you to create your perfect dentures, offering our expert opinion on what will suit you best.

3 Star 4 Star 5 Star
Ideal as a temporary solution following extraction for example, or where cost is a priority. High quality dentures with hard wearing teeth with advanced appearance. Cosmetic dentures containing the best materials currently available giving a beautiful life like appearance. Individual teeth are positioned for either personal preference or cosmetic enhancement.
- Smaller choice of tooth shapes and shades
- Standard acrylic denture base
- Wider range of tooth shapes and shades
- Multilayered, hard wearing teeth
- Standard acrylic denture base
- Vast range of tooth shape and shades
- Higher quality gender specific teeth for the ultimate natural look
- Lip and facial support for younger look
- High impact denture base
- Contoured gum work

Flexi (Unbreakable TM) and Karadent dentures:

Unbreakable TM flexible partial dentures are fabricated from a strong biocompatible nylon thermoplastic. 

Benefits of Unbreakable Tm dentures:

  • Flexibility for added comfort
  • Natural hue allows denture to simulate real gums and teeth
  • UnbreakableTM  uses flexible clasps, designed to stimulate the gum tissue, it also does no damage to the clasped tooth, unlike metal clasps
  • Light weight and very durable nylon-based material means that you will not experience that awkward bulkiness that makes most denture wearers feel uncomfortable with their appearance.
  • Biocompatible and ideal for patients that are allergic to acrylic monomer

Karadent is new solution for full dentures. It is fabricated from semi-rigid microcrystalline polymer.

Benefits of Karadent dentures:

  • Semi-rigid for added comfort and improved fit
  • Microcrystalline polymer gives denture more strength and durability 
  • Light weight 
  • Biocompatible and ideal for patients that are allergic to acrylic monomer 

Like the rest of our denture range, UnbreakableTm and KaradentTm come in 3, 4, 5 star price range.

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Flexi Dentures

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Chrome Dentures

Chrome Dentures

A chrome palate is suitable for the full upper dentures. It can be added for extra strength and a thinner fitting surface.
A chrome skeleton ( framework) denture is suitable for the partial dentures. It increases the strength of the denture and makes denture less bulky.

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